MCST Planetarium – Malta

19. Dec 2017

«A picture tells more than thousand words…» No wonder we are proud to be a part of this amazing project. We delivered a total of 54 chairs.

In collaboration with SCISS AB we worked hard to optimize the planetarium and experience for the visitors.

Skeie | Sonate Planet

Bell Museum – USA

19. Dec 2017

In collaboration with Davis Furniture in the US, we delivered 120 chairs for the new digitalized planetarium at Bell Museum in Minnesota. Run by the University of Minnesota and located at St. Paul campus.

The chair is a bespoke version of the Skeie|Sonate Planet to optimize the customer experience.

Skeie | Sonate Planet

Curzon Oxford – United Kingdom

19. Dec 2017

This new multiscreen at Westgate center is located in the middle of Oxford. We have delivered 620 seats for 5 screens in total.

All screens have different configurations facilitating the best comfort – and food & beverage service inside all screens.

Skeie | Solist Recliner

Yorck Kinogruppe – Germany

19. Dec 2017

The new Delphi Lux Cinema, close to Zoo Station, consist of seven unique designed screens.

In total we delivered 571 seats that was designed differently for each screen. The cinema is the official cinema for hosting The European Film Award.

Skeie | Sonate Recliner

Quad Cinema (US)

23. aug 2017

For New York’s first multiplex cinema, we have now been a part of the renovation by deilvering Skeie | Rocker and Skeie | Sonate Tip-Up. The cinema are situated in The Village and are renovated in a Arthouse-cinema atmosphere.

The chairs are delivered with Camira Advantage fabric in different color schemes for each screen.

Skeie | Rocker

Kino Engel (FI)

23. aug 2017

For the renovation of Cinema Mondo in Helsinki, we delivered 153 Skeie | Sonate Recliner. The chair are dressed in Camira Advantage fabric.

Skeie | Sonate Recliner

Køge high school (DK)

23. aug 2017

Again our Skeie | Wave was selected for a school in Denmark. In collaboration with Magnor & Nagel Arkitekter and Nils Wium APS, Skeie has delivered a new modern auditorium to Køge Gymnasium.

The chair was dressed in Gandal+ fabric from Gudbrandsdalen and wooden details in Birch.

Skeie | Wave

Vang primary and secondary school (NO)

23. aug 2017

In collaboration with Audience System Ltd. Skeie has delivered a retractable solution that fits the interior design at this school perfectly.

220 chairs of the model Espace 628.01 with wooden details dressed in Modal fabric from Gudbrandsdalen.

Skeie | Espace 628

Warner Bros. Hollywood

10. jan 2017

Skeie are proud to be delivering the Tour Lobby Theatre on behalf of Warner Bros. Studios in Hollywood, California.

Our Skeie | Sonate Tip-Up will be in the forefront of their visitors at the studios.

The use of high quality Gandal+ (wool) fabric from Gudbrandsdalen of Norway, make it a long lasting comfy use.

SchokoMuseum in Vienna, Walter Heindl GmbH

10. jan 2017

Our Skeie | Wave was selected by the historic chocolate producer in Austria. Chairs are placed in their honorable museum.

The chairs wooden structure comes out in an elegant setting with the colors of red. Thus in conjunction with the company colors.

Kokstadflaten auditorium, Norway

10. jan 2017

In addition to build the tiers for this auditorium, we delivered also our Skeie | Symposium chair for this corporate building.

The use of high quality Gandal+ (wool) fabric from Gudbrandsdalen of Norway, make it a long lasting comfy use.

Writing tablets type Notis F – and front tables in MDF with laminates

Karmøy Cinema, Norway

10. jan 2017

In a tight competition our Skeie | Sonate was chosen to dress their renovation of the cinema.

A mix of tip-up, sofa and recliner seats brought this venerable cinema up to date.

The use of high quality Gandal+ (wool) fabric from Gudbrandsdalen of Norway, make it a long lasting comfy use

Nord-Trøndelag Teater

30. aug 2016

 teaterstolar norge teater

Vi håller på att installera biostol lösningen Skeie Artist till den nybyggda teatern Nord-Trøndelag Teater i Trondheim. Teatern kommer att vara klar till kunden den 17 January 2017. Se flera exempel av våra teaterstolar och kulturhusstolar.

Skeie | Artist

Regionshospitalet Randers

30. aug 2016

hörsalsstolar sverige

I samarbete med byggföretaget Knudsgaard A / S i Danmark – har vi levererat stollösningen Skeie Classic till det nybyggda regionsjukhuset i Randers. Vår lösning valdes för utbildning i detta ljusa och vackra auditoriet. Se flera av våra hörsalstolar och auditoriumstolar.

Skeie | Logos

Lillehammer Kino

30. aug 2016

biostollösning lillehammer

I samarbete de Søhetta arkitekter, valdes biostollösningen Skeie Solist för Lillehammers nya biograf i Norge tidigare i år. Ett utmärkt val för den här typen av biograf – Användningen av trä armstöd och färger har satt sin prägel på biografen.

Skeie | Solist

Curzon Cinemas

30. aug 2016

stollösning bioVi är stolta över att ha tecknat ett ramavtal med Curzon Cinemas i Storbritannien. Överenskommelsen bygger på vår stollösning Skeie Solist som är en typ av stol som kommer att klä företagets profil.

Skeie | Solist


5. jan 2016

biostolar sky

I samarbete med PLP arkitekter och Mace Ltd levererar vi sittplatser för en high end Dolby Atmos bio i  Storbritannien. En prestige installation för ett av de ledande mediehusen i världen.

Skeie | Solist Recliner


5. jan 2016

norbotten.095757This is the second TX installation we deliver for this theatre. It speaks for it selves about our quality and service.

Espace 628.01


5. jan 2016

romsdalen.095808Again we deliver a exciting version of our new chair Skeie | Logos. Use of color and layout is daring considering it is a museum.

Skeie | Logos

Cinerama Empire

5. jan 2016

empire.095819For the refurnishing of Cinerama Empire in Genève, we delivered new sofas. The cinema stands today as totally new.

Skeie | Sonate sofa

Picturhouse Central

25. sep 2015

picture_central.134802Skeie are proud to deliver chairs for Picturehouse’s newest cinema in central London. Just next to Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus the Picturehouse team has established a new attraction.

Type of chair are Skeie | Sonate Tip Up

Golf Tower – Siemens

25. sep 2015

golf.134809Our Skeie | Logos chair is used in a corporate setting for Siemens and looks great with a mix of colors. We are happy that a corporate environment has seen the features of this new chair, not only schools.

Type of chair are Skeie | Logos Maxi

Lüdenscheid Filmpalast

25. sep 2015

filmpalast.135122Herr Lubba has ordered more Skeie chairs to supplement his previous order with Skeie | Sonate Lux. It might mean something in relation to our quality?

Type of chair are Skeie | Sonate Glid

Filmstaden Scandinavia – SF Bio

25. sep 2015

Sonate_lux_front_webIn Stockholm SF Bio are building its newest multiplex cinema in Mall of Scandinavia. It is going to be a beautiful high-end cinema with our luxury chair.

Type of chair are Skeie | Sonate Lux

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

20. jan 2015

(STAND NR.: A38:29)



King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, Dhahran – Saudi Arabia

30. okt 2014

Picture4In collaboration with SNØHETTA we have over a long period of time developed this project – and are proud to finally have signed the agreement with Saudi Aramco. The chair chosen is Skeie | Solist.

Upon completion the multi-faceted Center will contain an art and history museum, children’s museum, library and archives, entrepreneurial and lifelong learning centers, and performing arts and multimedia theaters

University of Stavanger selected Skeie Logos

10. okt 2014

logos_nyhet_II_IIWe are proud that the University of Stavanger has chosen our new chair concept – Skeie | Logos – to its new auditorium with 650 chairs. Delivery is via HENT (major Norwegian contractor) and will be installed April 2015.

This project joins the ranks of deliveries with our new product, which was first released this year at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. In this sense we can say that the chair is a great success!

Skeie renew their partnership with Nordisk Film Biografer in Denmark and Norway. The contract is for 5 new years.

8. aug 2014

0JB_8443_2         we have been working with NFB for many years and are proud to still be their preferred choice. Our high level of service, as well as our world class products is the major reason for this partnership.

Skeie Seating AS og Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller mottar internasjonal designpris fra RedDot Design Award samt Merket for God Design i Norge

8. okt 2010
Skeie er den 8. norske bedriften som mottar en RedDot Design Award.

Skeie er den 8. norske bedriften som mottar en RedDot Design Award.

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